Syria's Tent Cities Trailer

Directed by Mira Hamour

Many Syrian refugee children around the world don’t have access to a basic education, and this becomes a barrier to them growing up to be literate, self-sufficient, contributing members of their society. 
Some refugees are living illegally in neighbouring countries, while others have been resettled permanently halfway across the world in Canada. This film examines the lives of the Syrian refugees on both sides of the globe, as they slowly improve their situation through the efforts of two individuals who have dedicated their lives to making  education and inclusiveness a right for all Syrian children.


PCOS Trailer

Directed by Mira Hamour

Facial hair, unpredictable weight changes, and infertility. This is often the fate of women diagnosed with PCOS. Do they embrace and accept their bodies, or will going under the knife be the ultimate solution?


Safe or Sorry Trailer

Directed by Mira Hamour

Safe or Sorry is a short documentary that tells the story of the filmmaker's Uncle and Grandmother, two Syrian senior citizens who had to unexpectedly relocate to Saudi Arabia.
Although they are now technically safe, their lives have changed drastically. Was it worth the move?


Dominican English Immersion School

Directed By Mira Hamour

Shot in El Limón, Samana, Dominican Republic

Students attend the Centro Tecnologico Comunitario  in Samana in the hopes of learning English and attaining a better life ; whether that means working in the tourism industry locally or travelling to the United States to start over.

However, their teacher explains why her students might not have a full understanding of the reality that awaits them once they travel


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