Mira is a Syrian-Canadian filmmaker who directed and produced the award-winning documentary Syria's Tent Cities. She has an MFA in Documentary Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California and works in pre-production, production and post-production.

Mira has a strong interest in social issues. Throughout her Undergraduate schooling, she extensively researched a variety of controversial topics, including feminism and homosexuality in Islam, Jewish masculinities and gender identity and exploring ISIS and radicalization's global impact. Her growing passion for social issues led Mira to choose to go on to study Documentary Filmmaking, where she created Syria’s Tent Cities, a film that explores the Syrian Refugee Crisis from both a local and global perspective. She is also working on a film that focuses on PCOS Disorder in women and how the many side effects it causes impact those affected by it.

Through making her films, Mira’s experience has included interviewing social media celebrities such as Little Bear the Bearded Lady to experts in humanitarian matters, such as Bassam Khawaja who works in refugee issues at Human Rights Watch in Lebanon.

In addition to filmmaking, Mira is very passionate about travel and hopes to be able to see the world through her work. Armed with her camera, Mira has travelled extensively for her projects and found a lot of stories that she can’t wait to tell!